CADE-4: International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)
Skolem Award for a CADE paper that has Passed the Test of Time,
by being a Most Influential Paper in the field.

presented to

Peter Andrews

for the paper "General Matings" published in the CADE-4
proceedings in 1979. The paper is recognised for its invention of the
generalised mating method for constructing refutations of formulas in
negation normal form. This development paved the ground for the
subsequent construction of many non-resolution methods in automated
deduction, including the well-known connection method.

Presented at CADE-27
The 27th International Conference on Automated Deduction August, 2019

Christoph Weidenbach
                     President of CADE, Inc.

The Skolem Award Committee consisted of Alesxander Leitsch (chair),
Peter Baumgartner, James Brotherston, Laura Kovacs, Hans de Nivelle,
Nicolas Peltier, Renate Schmidt.

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