Assignments for 21-700 Mathematical Logic II for Spring 2012

Meets MWF 11:30 in WEH 8201

A. X5101. Also give the recursive definition of substitution for free occurrences of variables. Use Theorem 5100, and justify each step of the proof. Due Friday, January 27.

You must execute the DONE command for each ETPS exercise to get credit for it. Also hand in the proof unless you are told otherwise.

E0. X8030a in ETPS. Due Wednesday, February 1.

E1. X5209 in ETPS. Due Wednesday, February 8.

Present in class certain parts of the proofs of 5401 and 5402 as specified by email.

E2. X5201 in ETPS. Due Friday, February 10.

E3. X5203 in ETPS. Due Wednesday, February 15.

B. X5401, X5402. Due Friday, February 17.

E4. X5205 in ETPS. Due Monday, February 20.

T1. Test on sections 50-54. Monday, February 27, in PH A18B.

E5. X5303 in ETPS. Due Friday, March 2.

E6. X5305 in ETPS. Due Monday, March 5.

E7. X5308 in ETPS. Due Wednesday, March 7.

E. X5502. Due Wednesday, March 21.

E9. X6004 in ETPS. Due Monday, March 26.

F. X5503. Due Wednesday, March 28.

E10. X6101 in ETPS. Due Friday, March 30.

E8. X5310 in ETPS. Due Monday, April 2.

D. Derive (2) from (1), (3), and (4) in the definition of isomorphism on page 245. Due Wednesday, April 4.

H. X6202. Due Friday, April 6.

T2. Test on sections 54-64 on Monday, April 16, in PH A18B.

I. X6414. Due Wednesday, April 18.

G. X6008. Due Monday, April 23.

C. X5405. Due Friday, April 27.

E11. X6201 in ETPS. Due Monday, April 30.

J. X7105. Due Wednesday, May 2.

It's time to fill out the Faculty Course Evaluation form.

T3. Final Exam on Monday, May 14, 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m, in GHC 5222.

The exam covers all class material, homework, and Chapters 5 - 7 of the textbook,

omitting proof of 5207, proofs of 6211 - 6213, page 283, pages 289 - 296, proof of 7004, proof of 7203, 7205, page 331, pages 335-337.

Usual Office Hours: M 2:00 - 4:00, F 2:00 - 3:30, or by appointment.

No regular office hours will be held after May 4. Call for appointments.

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