Implementations of Common Lisp

The following is a list of some Common Lisp implementations which TPS and ETPS have been compiled under in the past.

* Allegro Common Lisp. Allegro Common Lisp for Linux and MS Windows is offerred commercially by Franz Inc. In recent years TPS has been developed using Allegro Common Lisp. TPS is able to perform multiprocessing and use sockets for a Java Interface when run with Allegro.
* Gnu Common Lisp (Clisp). Gnu Common Lisp is freely available for a variety of platforms. TPS runs under Gnu Common Lisp and can use sockets, but cannot use multiprocessing.
* CMU Common Lisp (CMUCL). CMUCL is freely available for Linux. TPS runs under CMUCL, but cannot use sockets or multiprocessing. Problems using releases later than 18c have been remedied.
* Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL). SBCL is open source / free software, with a permissive license. It runs on many Unix and Unix-like systems, including Linux, and experimentally on Windows. TPS runs under SBCL, but cannot use sockets or multiprocessing.
* Links to other free Common Lisps.