WEIGHT-B-FN is a flag or parameter.
A function that should take an option set and return a value
to be used as its weight-b. Currently, the only such predefined functions are:
* SIMPLE-WEIGHT-B-FN, which returns the sum of the penalties for the primsubs,
multiple subs and duplications used in the option set (see the flags
PENALTY-FOR-MULTIPLE-SUBS for more information),
* ALL-PENALTIES-FN which is much the same as SIMPLE-WEIGHT-B-FN but also adds
a penalty for extra duplications given by the PENALTY-FOR-ORDINARY-DUP
flag, and
* SIMPLEST-WEIGHT-B-FN, which returns 1 for the original option set and adds
1 for each primsub or duplication (the idea is to set the coefficients of
weight-a and weight-c to zero while using SIMPLEST-WEIGHT-B-FN).
The total weight of a set of options is the weight-a of each option
plus the weight-b of the set plus the weight-c of the set.
WEIGHT-B-FN takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects MS91-7 MS91-6 .
Its default value is SIMPLEST-WEIGHT-B-FN
Its current value is SIMPLEST-WEIGHT-B-FN.

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