TEST-NEXT-SEARCH-FN is a flag or parameter.
The name of a function which should take a searchlist and the time taken for
the previous attempt as arguments, and should set the flags in the list
appropriately for the next search. This function should also return T in
*finished-flag* if all settings have been tried.
The only values defined so far are:
EXHAUSTIVE-SEARCH, which tries all combinations of flags in a searchlist,
varying one flag through its entire range before trying the next flag.
BREADTH-FIRST-SEARCH, which also tries all combinations of flags, but
varies each flag a little at a time.
PRESS-DOWN, which is used by the PRESS-DOWN command.
PRESS-DOWN-2, which behaves like breadth-first search except that if varying
a flag makes the search faster, that flag is then prevented
from returning above its original value (the range of each flag is
assumed to be ordered; if the range is (A B C D), and setting it to
C results in a faster search, it will never again be set to A or B).
PUSH-UP, which is used by the PUSH-UP command.
PUSH-UP-2, which is like breadth-first search but terminates once a
successful mode is discovered; it is used for relaxing an unsuccessful
mode until it is successful.
TEST-NEXT-SEARCH-FN takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects TEST-TOP .
Its default value is EXHAUSTIVE-SEARCH
Its current value is EXHAUSTIVE-SEARCH.

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