TAG-CONN-FN is a flag or parameter.
Determines how the tag (a number attached to each mating) is calculated.
Should be the name of a function which, given a connection, will generate an
integer from it. See MT-SUBSUMPTION-CHECK and TAG-MATING-FN.

Current settings are
TAG-CONN-QUICK, which uses TPS's internal number for the connection. (Actually,
it uses (1 + this number), so as to avoid multiplying by one.)
TAG-CONN-LEAFNO, which multiplies the integer parts of the two leaf names
in the given connection.
TAG-CONN-FN takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects MTREE-TOP .
Its default value is TAG-CONN-LEAFNO
Its current value is TAG-CONN-LEAFNO.

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