SUBSUMPTION-NODES is a flag or parameter.
When SUBSUMPTION-CHECK is T, this flag determines
which other nodes should be examined to see if they subsume the
new node being considered. The values are as follows, arranged
in order with the quickest first:
PATH-NODES checks only those nodes on the path from the root to
the new node.
LEAF-NODES checks only the leaf nodes in the tree.
LP-NODES checks leaf nodes and those on the path to the
new node.
ALL-NODES checks every node in the tree.
Some nodes will always be excluded from subsumption checking,
regardless of the value of this flag. In particular, two nodes
representing different sets of connections will not be
This flag only applies to the UN88 procedure; in UN90, if
subsumption-checking is used at all, it is implicitly
set to ALL-NODES.
SUBSUMPTION-NODES takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects UNIFICATION .
Its default value is LP-NODES
Its current value is LP-NODES.

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