SEARCH-ORDER is a top-level command.
Generates the first n option sets that will be searched under
the current flag settings (assuming that the first (n-1) searches fail
because they run out of time rather than for any other reason).
This will show the names and weights of the option sets, the
primitive substitutions and duplications.
Note : "Ordinary" duplications are duplications that have not
had a primsub applied to them. So, for example, "X has 2 primsubs
plus 3 ordinary duplications" means that the vpform now contains
five copies of the relevant quantifier, two of which have had
primsubs applied to them.
The command format for SEARCH-ORDER is:


The arguments have the following meaning:
NUM : Number of option sets to show.
VPF : Show vpforms too?
VERB : Verbose output?

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SEARCH-ORDER is a test-top command.
Show the order in which things will be changed if the search is
started now using the given searchlist.
The command format for SEARCH-ORDER is:


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