SCRIPT is a top-level command.
Saves a transcript of session to a file. If the current setting
of STYLE is SCRIBE or TEX, an appropriate header will be output to the
script file (unless the file already exists).
**NOTE** If you start SCRIPT from a PUSHed top level, be sure to do
UNSCRIPT before you POP that top level, or your transcript may be lost.
The same also applies to starting SCRIPT from subtoplevels such as MATE;
you can enter further subtoplevels like LIB and ED from the MATE top level,
and SCRIPT will carry on recording, but before leaving the MATE top level
you should type UNSCRIPT or your work will be lost.
The command format for SCRIPT is:


The arguments have the following meaning:
SCRIPTFILE : File in which to save transcript
IF-EXISTS-APPEND : If yes, appends to file if it exists

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