QUERY-USER is a flag or parameter.
Has the following effects according to its value:
T : User will be queried by the mating search process as to whether
a duplication of variables should occur, unification
depth should be increased, etc.
NIL : The mating search process will take some action that makes sense.
QUERY-JFORMS : The mating search process will stop after printing each
vpform and ask whether to search on this vpform or to generate another.
(Note: in MS90-3, this is pointless, since the vpform never changes.)
SHOW-JFORMS : Like QUERY-JFORMS, but automatically answers no to each
question (and hence never actually proceeds with a search).
QUERY-SLISTS : In the TEST top level, stops after each setting of the
flags and asks whether to search with those settings.
QUERY-USER takes values of type QUERYTYPE.
It belongs to subjects MS93-1 MS92-9 MS91-7 MS91-6 MS90-9 MS90-3 MS89 MS88 MATING-SEARCH .
Its default value is NIL
Its current value is NIL.

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