QLOAD is a top-level command.
Load the most recent compiled or uncompiled file from your default
directory, home directory, or source path. In general, the following rules
are used to determine whether compiled or uncompiled file should be load in:
(1) If the file name with extension '.lisp', always load the uncompiled source code.
(2) If the file name without extension, then
(2.1) if both compiled and uncompiled file exist, and
(2.1.1) the compiled one is newer, it is loaded in.
(2.1.2) the uncompiled one is newer,
( if the flag 'expertflag' is NIL, always load the uncompiled
source code.
( if the flag 'expertflag' is T, ask user whether load the uncompiled
one, or compile it and load the compiled one then.
(2.2) if only the compiled one exists, load it in.
(2.3) if only the uncompiled one exists, do the same as case (2.1.2)
The command format for QLOAD is:


The arguments have the following meaning:
FILESPEC : The file of which to load the most recent version

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