PUSH-MATING is a monitor function.
Executes a PUSH (i.e. halts and starts a new top level) when a
particular mating is reached. The default mating is the mating that is current
at the time when this command is invoked (so the user can often enter the
mate top level, construct the mating manually and then type
PUSH-MATING). Otherwise, the mating should be typed in the form
((LEAFa . LEAFb) (LEAFc . LEAFd) ...) The order in which the connections
are specified within the mating, and the order of the literals within each
connection, do not matter.
When PUSH-MATING is invoked, typing POP will leave the new top level and
continue with the search.
The command format for PUSH-MATING is:


The arguments have the following meaning:
MATING : Mating to watch for

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