PROP-STRATEGY is a flag or parameter.
This flag is only used in PROPOSITIONAL proof search, which can
be one of (1) allow-duplicates (2) hash-table (3) pushnew
(1) Adds CONNECTION to the mating even though it might already be in the
In case of (2) and (3) adds CONNECTION to the mating only if it is not
already in the mating.
(2) uses HASH-TABLE to determine this.
(3) uses CLISP macro PUSHNEW to determine this.
PROP-STRATEGY takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects MS93-1 MS92-9 MS91-7 MS91-6 MS90-9 MS90-3 MS89 MS88 MATING-SEARCH .
Its default value is ALLOW-DUPLICATES
Its current value is ALLOW-DUPLICATES.

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