PRESS-DOWN-2 is a flag setting or other piece of information.
A setting for TEST-NEXT-SEARCH-FN.
This behaves like breadth-first search except that if varying
a flag makes the search faster, that flag is then prevented
from returning above its original value (the range of each flag is
assumed to be ordered; if the range is (A B C D), and setting it to
C results in a faster search, it will never again be set to A or B).

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PRESS-DOWN-2 is a test-top command.
Equivalent to setting TEST-NEXT-SEARCH-FN to PRESS-DOWN-2
and then typing GO. Permanently changes TEST-NEXT-SEARCH-FN.
Note that this is NOT the same as typing PRESS-DOWN; this will
use the user-defined searchlist rather than an automatically
generated one.
The command format for PRESS-DOWN-2 is:


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