OPTIONS-GENERATE-FN is a flag or parameter.
This is the function for deciding when to add new options
to the list from which option sets are generated. This is only called
when new option sets are being generated, so if you are generating large
numbers of options sets at a time then you might not see an effect until
some time after your given criterion is satisfied. (Check the value of
NEW-OPTION-SETS-LIMIT if this seems to be the case.) The argument for
this function is in the flag OPTIONS-GENERATE-ARG, and the function
to update that argument is in the flag OPTIONS-GENERATE-UPDATE.
The options are:
* ADD-OPTIONS-ORIGINAL generates new options when over
OPTIONS-GENERATE-ARG percent of the possible option sets have been
used, and each option appears in at least one option set.
* ADD-OPTIONS-COUNT generates new options when more than
OPTIONS-GENERATE-ARG different option sets have been tried.
* ADD-OPTIONS-WEIGHT generates new options when the lower end of the
acceptable weight bracket for a new option set exceeds
* ADD-OPTIONS-SUBS generates new options when the number of
substitutions and duplications in the next option set (i.e.
If OPTIONS-GENERATE-ARG is INFINITY, no new options are ever generated.
OPTIONS-GENERATE-FN takes values of type SYMBOL.
It belongs to subjects MS91-7 MS91-6 .
Its default value is ADD-OPTIONS-ORIGINAL
Its current value is ADD-OPTIONS-ORIGINAL.

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