MS98-VALID-PAIR is a flag or parameter.
Given two disjuncts X OR Y and A OR B, this flag
determines when we are allowed to make a component containing
connections X-A and Y-B (assuming they're unifiable connections).
The higher the number, the more stringent (and more time-consuming)
the test; any correct mating is guaranteed to pass any of these tests:
1: MAX-MATES is not 1.
2: As for 1, plus we require an extra mate for each of X,Y,A and B.
3: As for 2, plus we require that all of these new mates be
pairwise compatible with each other.
4: As for 3, plus we require that all of these new mates be
simultaneously compatible with each other.

3 and 4 are only applicable to higher-order searches.

There is an extra value, 0, which rejects any such connections
even if max-mates is not 1. This results in an incomplete search,
but is often acceptable.
MS98-VALID-PAIR takes values of type INTEGER+.
It belongs to subjects MS98-MINOR .
Its default value is 1
Its current value is 1.

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