COPY-LIBDIR is a library command.
COPY-LIBDIR can be used to copy a library directory into a
new library directory which TPS will automatically create,
or it can be used to copy the contents of a library directory into
an existing library directory. If COPY-LIBDIR is copying into
an existing directory, and an object of the same name and type
exists in both the source and destination directory, the original
object remains in the destination directory instead of being overwritten.
The user has the option of omitting the other-remarks property
of the library objects. If any needed-objects are left over,
the user is given the option of copying these extra needed-objects
into a new library file in the destination library directory.

COPY-LIBDIR will also copy the bestmodes and keywords files, if they
exist. If the target directory already has a bestmodes or keywords
file, then the corresponding files will be merged.
The command format for COPY-LIBDIR is:


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