ADD-FUNCTION is a test-top command.
Add a function to a searchlist. This function will be evaluated on
every iteration of the search, and will generally reset certain flags.
The special functions defined so far are:
UNIFORM-SEARCH-FUNCTION sets max-utree-depth, max-search-limit and max-substs-quick
using the values of max-search-depth, search-time-limit and max-substs-var respectively,
and then sets TEST-INITIAL-TIME-LIMIT to allow 5 option sets on the first try, then
10, then 15, and so on.
BASIC-SEARCH-THEN-UNIFORM-SEARCH runs the current searchlist once over, allowing
1 hour for each setting of the flags. Then it switches the searchlist to
UNIFORM-SEARCH-2 and continues with that.
The command format for ADD-FUNCTION is:


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