ABE is a top-level command.
Rule to change a top level occurrence of an existentially
quantified variable.
The command format for ABE is:

 <n>ABE   D1   D2    y    A      x      S     D1-HYPS    D2-HYPS 

The arguments have the following meaning:
D1 : Lower Existentially Quantified Line
D2 : Higher Existentially Quantified Line
y : Existentially Quantified Variable in Higher Line
A : Scope of Existential Quantifier in Lower Line
x : Existentially Quantified Variable in Lower Line
S : Scope of Existential Quantifier in Higher Line
D1-HYPS : Hypotheses
D2-HYPS : Hypotheses

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ABE is an inference rule.
Its priority is NIL

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