21-300 Basic Logic and 21-600 Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Fall 2011

Note: A copy of the textbook is on reserve in the library in Wean Hall.


Note: Assignments preceded by a * are for 21-600 only.

A. X1004a,b,c. Due Friday, September 9.

D. X1101. Due Wednesday, September 14.

C. X1102. Due Friday, September 16.

*B. X1011. Due Monday, September 19.

E. X1200, X1201, X1203, X1204, X1206, X1207, X1208. Due Wednesday, September 21.

*F. Read section 13 and do X1302. Due Friday, September 23.

I. X2002-X2005. Due Wednesday, September 28.

*H. X1211. Due Friday, September 30.

L. X2101. Due Monday, October 3.

T1. Test Monday, October 10, on sections 10-12, 20, 21 through 2111, all homework and class material through October 3.

G. X1212, X1213. Due Friday, October 14.

J. X1224. Due Monday, October 17.

Monday's class will include a demonstration of how to use EGEN and RULEC in ETPS.

*K. X2011 Due Wednesday, October 19.

You must execute the DONE command for each ETPS exercise to get credit for it. Also hand in the proof only if this is required for that exercise.

E1. X2106 using ETPS. Hand in the proof. Due Monday, October 24.

E2. X2107 using ETPS. Due Wednesday, October 26.

E3. X2109 using ETPS. Due Friday, October 28.

M. X1223, X2000, X2200. Due Monday, October 31.

E4. X2110 using ETPS. Due Wednesday, November 2.

N. X2141, X2143. Give reasons for each incorrect line of the proof in X2143. Note the directions on page 109. Due Friday, November 4.

O. X1407, X1408. Due Monday, November 7.

T2. Test Monday, November 14, on sections 10-12, 14, 20-22, all homework and class material through November 4. Omit 2112 and proofs of 1403, 2113 and 2118.

P. X1416, X1417. Due Friday, November 18.

E5. X2113 using ETPS. Due Monday, November 21.

E7. X2118 using ETPS. Due Wednesday, November 30.

*E6. X2115 using ETPS. Due Friday, December 2.

E8. X2119 using ETPS. Hand in the proof. Due Monday, December 5.

*E9. X2138 using ETPS. Due Wednesday, December 7.

T3. Final Exam Monday, December 19, 1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m, in DH 2315.

Sit in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th seat from an outer aisle.

Exam covers sections 10-12, 14, 20-23 (excluding 2112 and proofs of 1403, 2113 and 2118), 25 (excluding 2504-2507 and 2515), 25A, 27 (excluding 2700, 2702, 2703, and proof of 2704), 33 (excluding 3301), all class material, and homework.

It's time to fill out the Faculty Course Evaluation form. Access this via the FCE web page.

Usual Office Hours for Andrews (in WEH 7216): MW 2:00 - 4:00.

Usual Office Hours for Roy (in WEH 7213): T 1:30 - 3:00, Th 1:00 - 3:00.

No regular office hours will be held after December 8. Call for appointments.

Information from the Teaching Assistant

Description of Mathematical Logic II

Basics of using ETPS on Andrew

Syllabus for Basic Logic (.ps) (.pdf)

Syllabus for Mathematical Logic I (.ps) (.pdf)